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At Mueller S.C., our employment law attorneys represent employees, businesses, nonprofit organizations, and unions facing serious, and often times unique legal challenges. We have been successful in assisting our clients with planning and negotiating employment contracts, labor contracts, severance agreements, discrimination violations, workers compensation and, when necessary, providing legal representation in court and before administrative bodies when litigation arises.


Small business employers

Hiring employees, drafting contracts, managing HR practices and concerns, and having to take charge with discrimination, harassment, and handling other general employment disputes can be distracting and arduous process. Securing legal representation early in your business life will help you plan and avoid challenges down the road. We know employment law, and our expert attorneys review and develop employee handbooks and internal employment related processes and procedures and perform employment audits to help position you against liability.

Problems in the workplace and employment related disputes are personal and sensitive matters. The unexpected will arise from time to time even with the best planning. We will see you through any employment related crisis, eliminate the harm or minimize the damage. Our attorneys will help you respond to inquiries from administrative agencies and protect your interests before courts and administrative bodies.

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Employees Seeking Representation

As an employee, you are at a disadvantage. You put everything on the line—your livelihood, your family—everything is contingent on your ability to work and make a living. That’s why making the right decision for representation when going through a challenging situation is so important. Whether you’re the subject of:

  • workplace harassment
  • all forms of workplace discrimination
  • wrongful termination
  • unpaid wages
  • unemployment compensation disputes

it is imperative that you select an employment law attorney that is both an expert in employment law, as well as an attorney who is willing to listen to your case, and help you create a strategy for resolution. We can review employment and severance agreements so that you have a clear understanding of your rights, and negotiate on your behalf to achieve the fair results you deserve.



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At Mueller S.C. we are dedicated to providing smart, honest representation. Our expert knowledge of employment law allows us to represent both employers seeking dedicated, experienced counsel, as well as employees who have been victimized by unfair treatment.

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