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Involvement with the litigation process is not something that any person or business welcomes. Mueller S.C. is a Milwaukee litigation firm that knows a commitment to hard work, an expert knowledge of the law and procedure and compelling advocacy serve as the foundation for any successful case.

We represent individuals and many businesses and organizations— imaginative entrepreneurs, cutting edge businesses, small and mid size corporations and Fortune 500 companies— in products liability, corporate and general commercial litigation, contracts, confidentiality and non-competition agreements, employment law, franchises and dealerships, construction, business acquisitions, mergers and transfers, construction, real estate, securities, intellectual property, internet, banking, finance and insurance matters.


What is Business Litigation?

When a dispute happens we can help right away, before a lawsuit is filed, and throughout the litigation process.

Our trial lawyers represent both plaintiffs and defendants with an aggressive approach when it matters. We apply courtroom experience gained litigating cases nationwide with toughness, determination and attention to detail to achieve the best possible result for our clients. Finding innovative ways to solve problems, skill and commitment to presenting the facts of each case in a forceful persuasive manner, and being fully prepared to take every case to trial sets us apart. We have the resources and technology to take on the most complex and important cases and go head to head with some of the largest firms in the country.

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Cost-Effective Litigation

The litigation process is often very expensive. Our business model allows us to reduce cost and expense and work more efficiently through the smart and secure use of technology, our deep knowledge of the law, and our devotion to minimizing the impact of litigation on daily life and business.

We are also a business, and fully understand that a client’s foundational business elements— their business plans and balance sheets —are essential to successfully planning litigation strategy at the very beginning of the process. Our approach to representing clients allows us to be more efficient and cost effective, resulting in successful outcomes.

The bottom line – we provide big law firm experience and expertise at a more manageable, predictable cost.


Wisconsin Litigation Claims

Mueller S.C. trial attorneys excel in resolving difficult, and often times complex litigation cases, including product liability, breach of contract, securities, non-competition and non-solicitation, false advertising, real estate, fraud, employment, copyright infringement, trademark infringement, misappropriation of trade secrets, interference with contract or prospective economic advantage, business ownership disputes, conspiracy and other business torts and legal claims.

While highly successful at litigating cases, we work closely with our clients to find alternative ways to resolve disputes so that most are resolved outside of the courtroom. Alternative dispute resolution methods can provide a cost effective way to settle a case short of a lawsuit and trial, and can include arbitration, settlement negotiation, and mediation.

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