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The Wisconsin Supreme Court Issues Another Ruling Important to the Real Estate Industry in Wisconsin.

In Ash Park, LLC v. Re/Max Select, LLC, the Wisconsin Supreme Court upheld a ruling awarding a real estate company a broker’s commission of $378,000.00 even though the buyer procured by that company could not follow through and consummate the sale. The basic facts of the case are fairly straightforward.  Ash Park entered into a one-party listing contract with Re/Max relative to a parcel of vacant land.  Re/Max would earn a six percent commission on the purchase price if Ash Park sold or accepted an offer which created an enforceable contract for the sale of all or any part of […]

The Wisconsin Supreme Court Clarifies the Law Regarding Rights of First Refusal.

One method of securing the right to acquire property involves a mechanism commonly known as a right of first refusal (ROFR).  A ROFR typically provides that if a seller receives an offer from a third party to purchase the property and the seller wishes to accept the offer, the seller must first give the holder of the ROFR the chance to buy the property, typically on the same terms and conditions set forth in the offer coming from the third party. The ROFR is often related to some other interest held by the potential buyer.  A tenant might have negotiated […]