Your Success is Our Business

We provide your competitive advantage and serve as a trusted partner for a business of any size.  When new clients contact us they are paired with an attorney experienced in that client’s particular industry or field and with their size.  Of course we handle legal matters on a traditional transaction-by-transaction or case-by-case basis and can consult, review and negotiate any specific transaction and provide legal representation in any particular litigation matter on an individual basis.  However, our goal is to partner with our clients making it easier to help them achieve both short and long term goals.  We are in the relationship for the long term as reflected in our commitment to providing top-notch service and flexible fee arrangements.

  • Every single business experiences a time when they need someone that they can call with a quick legal question.  Too many times potential legal problems compound because business owners are hesitant to call an attorney given their fear of the cost or lack of a personal relationship for what may seem to be an informal fast legal question.  To remedy that problem we offer outside “general counsel” services for a single flat monthly fee.  In other words, we act as your legal department answering questions, reviewing documents and handling other legal issues as they arise.  You get immediate personal attention and a fast response from someone that you know and from someone that knows your business. Further, the arrangement helps your budget and eliminates the need to worry about surprising legal expenses that can hurt your bottom line.  Think of this as preventative care for your business.  We handle your legal needs in an easy, reliable manner and help you avoid surprises.

  • Our local roots and insight and national reach make us well suited to serve as local counsel to out-of-state law firms whose clients find themselves involved in litigation in state and federal courts in Wisconsin, Illinois and Minnesota.  As local counsel our role varies upon the needs of a particular case, client or firm.  We can act as advisors regarding local rules, customs and procedures or take a more active role as lead counsel or co-counsel.  We provide superior legal advice and are highly responsive no matter the arrangement.  

    Although more common with litigation matters, we also serve as local counsel for complex transactional matters.  We help out-of-state firms navigate local law as it might affect their large business or real estate transactional matters. We can work with you to facilitate the development or expansion of commercial, industrial, manufacturing, hotel, restaurant and retail facilities.

  • We are confident that you will be satisfied with the value and service that we provide.  If for any reason you feel that you paid more than expected or that the value of our service was less than what you paid we will work with you to determine a fair price.  Our goal is to provide superior legal services to our clients in a reliable, predictable and cost effective manner.  Identifying areas where we could have done better will help us achieve that goal. 

  • Our commitment to being exceptionally attentive to the needs of our clients and highly responsive is reflected by the fact that we promise to return the telephone call of every business client in less than two hours.  Further, we recognize that business happens outside of traditional office hours, and make ourselves available every day of the week at any time in order to meet client demand.  


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