Predictable. Cost Effective.

We invest in our clients. Aside from our time, we are able to take on some of the outcome risks associated with client businesses and cases. We have specially designed our business model to keep overhead to a minimum and align costs with outcomes. Thus, we have the advantage of being able to offer alternative fee arrangements such as fixed and flat fees, contingency fees and success fees in addition to traditional forms of hourly billing.

  • A fixed fee simply describes an arrangement where we are able to handle a pre-defined project or provide a specific defined set of services for an exact fee that is quoted in advance. This could be a one-time fee or a fixed amount per month.

  • Flat fees are available where we handle a number of cases that are similar in nature for a specific per case fee that is set in advance. This is often an option for cases that we handle as local, regional or national counsel.

  • A contingency fee arrangement is one in which we collect our fee as a percentage of the monetary amount awarded at trial or through settlement or negotiation. Our clients pay nothing unless we win.

  • Partial contingency fee agreements refer to a combination of part contingency fee and part hourly billing. We receive a portion of our standard hourly rate and a smaller fee percentage of the monetary award recovered for the client.

  • An agreement in which we are paid a portion of our hourly fees in a traditional manner, and an additional fee if certain predefined goals or contingencies are satisfied is generally called a success fee arrangement. This can be used for transactions with many contingencies such as the purchase or sale of a business, or any other complicated deal.

  • A fee arrangement in which legal fees are paid in the form of equity in a business or deferred until some future event are available in certain circumstances where new and emerging businesses may not initially have the cash available for legal fees at the outset of the relationship.

  • Of course, traditional hourly billing arrangements are appropriate in many situations. As the case or project moves forward we provide a detailed description of all of the work performed on your case on an ongoing basis and bill for services rendered periodically on intervals agreed upon in advance, and based upon the hourly rate agreed upon ahead of time.

  • We also take on cases pro bono under certain sets of circumstances. Each year we are proud to render dozens of hours of legal services to those in need and for cases and causes in which we believe.

The key to any fee arrangement is fairness to the client, and we strive to structure any agreement such that it represents an equitable sharing of any risk. We guarantee that your legal fees will be as predictable as possible and that our service will not only be outstanding and of the highest quality, but will be cost effective, efficient and fair.